1 Aug 2017 2.5 hours

Today I replaced both Garmin Autopilot servos. The pitch servo was giving a power supply hardware fault warning when powered up. Turns out this was an issue with some of the servos shipped during the time I received mine. Garmin sent me out two new servos. There was nothing wrong with the roll servo, but they decided to replace both that way neither of my servos would be from that batch.
29 Jun 2017 4 hours

28 Jun 2017 5 hours

Tonight I finished running the engine sensors wires firewall forward. This included the fuel flow sensor, CHT, EGT and Oil Temp. I think I’m almost done with all of the wiring on the cabin side. I’m in the processing of starting to install the backshells on the garmin connectors. Fabricated a harness using K-Type thermocouple wire for the EGT and CHT leads. All of the engine sensor wire connections are made and the backshells installed.
27 Jun 2017 3 hours

Installed fuel pressure sensor Installed Mag/Start switch I'm in the process of running all of the engine sensor wires firewall forward. They will be trimmed to length once the engine is installed and the sensors are connected
26 Jun 2017 4.5 hours

Wired the ammeter shunt. I made a fusible link by connect about 6" of 24ga wire to the 20ga wire that I ran from the control box. I wrapped the 24ga wire in silicone tape. The idea is that if the wires ever short, the 24ga wire with heat up and sever, acting like a fuse. The silicone is to help contain the heat, and mitigate the risk of the something catching fire.
24 Jun 2017 5 hours

Today I wired the battery, contactors and main buss. Now when the battery is hooked up, if you switch master switch the avionics turn on =). Progress! I also began installing engine sensors. I realized that Garmin doesn’t include a fuel pressure sensor in their sensor package. They it’s because it’s a different sensor whether your fuel injected or carbuerated. Other vendors I’ve used in the past sell different packages based on the type of fuel system your engine uses, so your not left realizing your missing a sensor when you go to install it =).
23 Jun 2017 4.5 hours

Installed battery Mounted master and starter contactors Wendy volunteered to climb under the panel so we could bolt in the amp meter shunt and ANL fuse holder. Shunt and ANL fuse mounted
20 Jun 2017 6 hours

Today I relocated the GPS antenna to the top of the aircraft, just aft of the rear window. I planned on installing it on the canopy glareshield, however right before i drilled the holes in the glareshield I tested out the GPS and it wasn’t working. Turns out there is a minimum antenna cable length of 6.5ft. The coax cable length was only 3ft to install it on the glareshield. I also didn’t like the idea of having a big white antenna obstructing the nice view out the windscreen.
29 Apr 2017 3.5 hours

Tonight I completed wiring for now. All the wires from Van’s wiring harness have been connected. I also completed all the wiring for the avionics. I still have to wire the engine sensors and the Master/Alt relays and switches when the time comes, but I’m going to hold off until the engine is mounted and I start working the firewall fwd.
24 Apr 2017 3.5 hours

Tonight I remounted the pilot side instrument panel, then wired the strobe, nav light and boost pump switches. I also wired the boost pump power to the engine monitor, so that I can configure the EFIS to show a message when the boost pump is on. This should serve as a good reminder to shut it off when it’s not needed.
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