5 Nov 2016 1 hours

Today was a short day, then it was of to the Acworth Beer Festival =) I did manage to debur, prime and attach the aileron bellcrank brackets to the spars. The right aileron bellcrank bracket, which includes provisions for the autopilot servo Left aileron bellcrank bracket
3 Nov 2016 4 hours

Tonight I finished riveting the nutplates onto the spar. Then it was time to countersink all of the holes in the spar flanges. After that I primed the spar flanges since the countersinking removes the anodized coating. Tank attach nutplates in the spar web The access plate nutplates riveted in More nutplates All the bazillion holes in the spar flanges countersunk The spar flanges and tiedowns primed
2 Nov 2016 4.5 hours

Tonight was a lot of drlling and countersinking. I drilled out the remaining holes in the spar flanges and then counterunk the holes for the fuel tank and access plate nutplates. After installing the nutplates for the tank attach screws I countersunk the holes. Tomorrow I’ll finishing install the nutplates for the wing access convers. Counterinking the rivet holes for the nutplates Nutplate holes countersunk The tank attach nutplates installed and the screw holes countersunk Nutplates riveted on
1 Nov 2016 4.5 hours

Yesterday the wing crates were delivered. Zak came over and helped me unpack and inventory everything. A couple of parts were missing and one item was back-ordered. I contacted Van’s today and there going to get the missing parts sent out to me. Tonight I got start on the main wing spar section. I fabricated and drilled out the Wing Box J-Channels for both wings Picture of the left wing spar The J-Channels clamped in place for drilling The J-Channels drilled and put away
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