14 Nov 2016 5 hours

Tonight I riveted the ribs to the main spar. Then I torqued down the bolts for for the ribs. Finally I installed the snap bushings into the ribs.
13 Nov 2016 7 hours

I started the day out with drilling the systems holes in the wing ribs. There were a lot of holes to drill, so I set up a couple of work stops on the mill and was able to knock out drilling the holes pretty quick. Then the holes need to be deburred. In the afternoon Wendy joined in and helped me get the hole deburring finished. Then we scuffed/cleaned the ribs and brackets parts and in preperation for priming.
12 Nov 2016 5.5 hours

Tonight I continued work on the wing ribs. I started with cleaning up and deburring the torque tub assembly parts. Then I drill the appropriate holes to final size. Next I spent some time getting the flap hinge bracket plates mostly straight. They arrive a bit bowed and you have to put them in a vice and show them a little love with a hammer before they can be used. Next I back-drilled the flap hinge bracket assembly to the ribs for both the left and right wings.
11 Nov 2016 4.5 hours

Tonight Wendy came down to the shop and helped me drill, debur and dimple all of the wing ribs. It was a monotonous job, but it had to get done. Big thanks to Wendy! Wendy and I drilling out the holes in the wing ribs Wendy dimpling the holes on the wing ribs Wendy's peeling the plastics off the ribs while I deburred them with the die grinder All the ribs deburred, drilled and dimpled.
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