Today I finished riveting the rear wing spars. Then I began working on the top skins. I got the inboard top skin drilled and countersunk for both wings. Tomorrow I’ll get start on getting the skins dimpled and primed. The left wing box after riveting on the rear spar Inboard skin clecoed on for drilling and countersinking
16 Nov 2016 7.5 hours

Today I finished drilling the left rear spar. Then I countersunk/dimpled the holes in the spar flanges. Afterwards I primed all the rear spar pieces. Once the primer dried I started riveting on the rear spars. I was able to get the left one complete. Tomorrow I should be able to wrap up the right one. The rear spars and their pieces all primed Aileron hinge brackets riveted together Left rear spar riveted on Another shot of the left rear spar riveted on Left spar all done.
15 Nov 2016 6 hours

Tonight I worked on the rear spars. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. I did get a lot of work done though. Assembled the aileron brackets (use parts from the vans service bulletin) Back drilled the rear spar doubler plates Cut out the hole in the rear spar doubler plates for the aileron push/pull rod Match drilled the inboard doubler, ribs and reinforcement plates for the right wing. Should be able to wrap up the left wing tomorrow and get everything primed.
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