13 Dec 2016 2 hours

Today I mounted the right fuel tank to the main assembly.
12 Dec 2016 1.5 hours

This morning I tested the right fuel tank for leaks again and found another leak that I missed a couple of days ago. So I mixed up another batch of the quick cure tank sealant (AC-240) and made a spot repair. It was near the inboard leading edge. I decided to try to accelerate the curing by placing a space heater next to the sealant. According to the tech sheet you can force cure up to 150 degrees.
10 Dec 2016 4 hours

Today I leak tested the tanks. I pressurized the tanks to about 1 psi and spray soapy water all over them. The left tank came up leak free! The right tank however showed a couple of leaks on the outside corners. So I mixed up some fast cure sealant and resealed the leaky areas. Hopefully I’ll be able to retest tomorrow or Monday. After I resealed the right tank I mounted the left tank to the wing assembly.
6 Dec 2016 9 hours

Today I finished riveting and sealing both fuel tanks. I am glad that’s over and done with. Building the fuel tanks is a super unpleasant task. This is the second time I’ve built fuel tanks, and each time I’ve said never again! Glad it’s done. Now I need to wait till the weekend and let the sealant cure before leak testing them. Fuel level sensor (float) installed Rear baffles and Z-Brackets installed.
5 Dec 2016 8.5 hours

Today I riveted in the J-Stiffener and tank attach bracket into the right tank. Then I installed vent line and inboard rib in both tanks. Then it Wendy came down and helped me apply sealant to all the rivet heads in the inboard and outboard rib joints. Next up I need to fit the fuel level floats, then I can install the rear baffle and Z-Brackets. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the tanks.
4 Dec 2016 7.5 hours

Today Wendy and I finished riveting the ribs into the left and right tanks. We still need to rivet the J-Stiffener and attach bracket on the right tank. Then i’ll install the vent line and fuel float sensor. Then it will be time to close up the tanks. Wendy laying down tank sealant Left fuel tank with ribs installed
3 Dec 2016 7.5 hours

Today Wendy and I continued riveting the fuel tanks. We were able to rivet all the stiffeners, the fuel cap flange and the drain flange on both tanks. We also got started riveting the ribs into the left tank, but we ran out of steam for the day. We’ll continue riveting them in tomorrow. Wendy standing proud next to the tank skin with the stiffeners, and flanges riveted in Left tank with some of the ribs riveted in
2 Dec 2016 3.5 hours

Today Wendy worked with me in the shop. First we dimpled both of the tank skins. Then we began the tank riveting process by riveting the parts onto the inboard tank ribs Wendy applying tank sealant to the mating surfaces we're about to rivet together Fuel tank skins dimpled
1 Dec 2016 1 hours

Today was a real short session. I primed and riveted the tank attach parts.
30 Nov 2016 5.5 hours

Tonight I continued work on the fuel tanks. A lot of drilling, deburring, dimpling and countersinking. I still have the tank skins to dimple and then the riveting will begin. Dimpled the tank stiffeners Separated and deburred the tank attach Zs Tank attach Zs deburred, countersunk and nutplates installed Countersunk fuel cap flange Deburred, drilled and countersunk the tank attach brackets and shims
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