30 Dec 2016 1 hours

Today I installed the new end rib into the flap. I forgot to take a picture. Not much to see really. Everything went smooth. No cranks in any holes =).
24 Dec 2016 4.5 hours

Today I finished riveting the right flap. Then I frabricated and install the brass bushings on the flap brackets. After inspecting the right flap I noticed a few of the rivet hole on the outboard ribs looked cracked. After further inspection I confirmed that the inboard rib did indeed have cracks in it. I think its because of how thing the ribs were and the rivets weren’t lined up straight when I squeezed them.
23 Dec 2016 2.5 hours

Today I finished riveting the left flap. Tomorrow I’m gonna try to finish the right one and get started on the ailerons. Let flap all finished
22 Dec 2016 5.5 hours

Today, after taking a couple of days off to recharge, I got back at it. I started riveting the flaps together. I got the sub-structure of both the left and right flaps riveted together. I also got the top skin riveted on the left flap. Left flap in cradle with top skin on Right sub-structure riveted together Top skin on the left flap riveted on
19 Dec 2016 6 hours

Tonight I dimpled and primed all of the flap parts. The priming was done at a temperature 37F. I was wondering how the primer would work at that temperature. It was fine. P60G2 primer is nasty, but it works great! Some of the flap parts dimpled My setup for priming in the dark...it's 37F out tonight! The primer still did great! Left flap parts after being primed Right flap parts after being primed The leading edges of both flaps after being primed
18 Dec 2016 6.5 hours

Today I started the day of prepping the flap ribs. All holes need to be drilled to size and the edges deburred. Then I clecoed the flap structure together in preparation for various drilling operations later in the day. Next I fabricated the trailing edges. Then I clecoed the flap assemblies together with the skins in order to perform some drilling operations. After that was complete I disassembled the flap assemblies and countersunk the trailing edges.
17 Dec 2016 3 hours

Today I started the day off creating cradles for the flaps. Similiar to the ones used to assemble the leading edge and fuel tanks. Then I started working the various prep work for the nose ribs. Mostly final drilling holes and deburring. Then I had to cut one of the flanges off each of the flap ribs. One of two flap cradles I cut them out of extra material from the crates that the wings came in.
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