Today I finished mounting the ailerons and the pushrods. Tomorrow it’s on to installing the electric aileron trim

I started the day off cutting the torque tube collars to size Then I match drilled the collars to the torque tube brackets For the next drilling operation I had to create a spacer block with an exact dimension. So I decided to mill it on the milling machine Hit by dimension (1 1/64") right on to within .0005" Then I had to drill the torque collars to the other torque tube sub-assembly.

Today I started the day driving down to McMaster-Carr and picking up some new brass tubing. I totally forgot McMaster sells raw materials. I decided not to use the brass tube I made yesterday because I was unsure of the alloy. It would have probably been fine, but I was able to get the same alloy Van’s sent from McMaster for $13 and 1 hour round trip of driving. So I decided to pull the trigger and get some new tube.
29 Dec 2016 9.5 hours

Today was one of those days when you say “I hope tomorrow is a better day”. Today was a day of pure Fuckery! Let’s break it down. I started the day mounting the ailerons…then I discovered there is an interference issue with the aileron and the inboard aileron bracket. Basically, Van’s released a service bulletin several months ago which was a redesign of the inboard aileron bracket. It’s makes the bracket significantly thicker.
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