Tonight I decided to install the nav lights onto the wing tips. holes drilled Nav light installed
19 Jan 2017 3.5 hours

Tonight I finished installing the nutplates on the wingtips. I also final drilled and dimpled the outboard edge of the wing skins. All that’s left now is to do the nav light installation in each tip. drilling the right wing tip to the outboard edge of the wing drilled and countersunk the nutplate hole pattern onto the wingtips Riveted the nutplates to the wingtip
11 Jan 2017 2 hours

Today I did a bit of work on the wingtips. I got the nav light lenses drilled and nutplates installed. I also drilled the left wingtip to the wing. I still need to install the nutplates on the left wingtip and do the same on the right wingtip.
7 Jan 2017 4 hours

Today I began working on the wing tips. I did all the trimming today. Including trimming the fiberglass wingtips to fit and trimming the wingtip lenses to fit. Trimming the inboard edges of the wingtips. Next up was trimming the lenses. First I had to cut them into two pieces. One for the left and the other for the right tip Lenses cut and half next they had to be trimmed and sanding over several iterations to get them to fit nice Here are the lenses all trimmed.
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