12 Mar 2017 3.5 hours

Today I sprayed “Destroyer Grey” urethane from Eastwood on the interior. This was my first time shooting a solvent based urethane. I figured it would be good practice if I end up spraying the exterior myself. I have all the safety gear (fresh air respirator, full hood and tyvek suit), so why not spray the interior with something that’s going to be durable. On my last plane (N211WJ) I was a bit lazy about this step.

Today I finished riveting the baggage area. With the fuselage turned on it’s side in the rotisserie the job was much more manageable. I took pictures, but do to the orientation of the fuselage there a bit nauseating! Next I started working on the rudder pedals. I fabricated the spacers for the brakes, riveted together the brake pedals, the sprayed them with the urethane paint that i’m going to use on the interior tomorrow.

Dimpled holes in baggage floor Riveted nutplates to baggage floor Began riveting the floor into the fuselage
8 Mar 2017 5.5 hours

Primed parts Fabricated/Trimmed flap bearing blocks according to plans Installed the flap bearing blocks into the plane Fabricated the seat back hinges Used layout fluid to mark pilot hole and centerline for match drilling Hinges match drilled to the baggage/seat skin
Design pdevty