18 Jun 2017 3.5 hours

Guide pins riveted into the canopy frame Modeling clay is used to locate the holes for the pins on the side rails Pilot hole drilled Using the template to drill the holes
26 May 2017 6 hours

After sanding, filling, priming, sanding, filling, priming, sanding, filling, priming, etc… I think the canopy fairing is good enough. If I vinyl wrap the plane, the vinyl should come out looking good. I might wetsand the surface a little bit to make the matte areas shine a little, which will help with vinyl adhesion. If I end up painting, a coat of filler primer prior to painting should be all that’s needed.
24 May 2017 6 hours

Spent several hours in sanding hell. Then applied a layer of epoxy resin with a little micro and black dye on top. Will probably need to do one more light sanding tomorrow and the fairing should be good. Fairing after it was sanded, filled and black epoxy layer applied.
23 May 2017 5.5 hours

Cut-out fiberglass patterns according to Van's plans Added additional masking tape First layer of fiberglass ready to wet-up. I wet it up and sandwiched it between layers of cling film. Then cut out the pattern. According to the plans this help the layup hold it's shape while you transfer it onto on the plane The initial layer is saturated with epoxy dyed black, since it's visible from the inside.
22 May 2017 4 hours

Slurry of epoxy and micro-balloons mixed together with black dye to create a "void filler" between the canopy and the canopy frame skin
21 May 2017 8.5 hours

Countersunk holes in the plexiglass Vinyl wrapped the glareshield with flat black. Wendy is applying knifless cutting tape Apply the vinyl to the glareshield After pulling the knifeless tape After cutting out the holes in the vinyl for the defrost fans Notched holes in the aft canopy seal Canopy side skins riveted on Fabricated and riveted on canopy wear strips Riveted handles onto canopy Looking good!
20 May 2017 5 hours

Canopy frame mounted on the fuselage Template taped in place to help with positioning of the plexiglass Canopy in position Drilling the plexiglass to the frame plexiglass all drilled to the frame Time to take the assembly off the fuselage and work on it on the workbench Wendy being goofy!
18 May 2017 2 hours

Labeled the center instrument panel. The Cricut machine has worked out excellent Installed center panel, TOGA button, Panel Lighting potentiometer and the canopy jettison handle
17 May 2017 4 hours

Masked of the top skin of the canopy prior to painting All setup outside to paint After painting was complete I installed the canopy pin blocks. Canopy painted with pin blocks installed Fabricated the canopy spacer blocks that will be used during installation of the canopy on the fuselage The center instrument panel needs to be installed, prior to installing the canopy jettison handle for the next step.
16 May 2017 3 hours

After a week vacation away from the plane while family was in town for Zak and Lindsey’s wedding, i’m back in the shop! Side rails clecoed to the forward canopy frame assembly Side rails riveted Aft canopy frame riveted on
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