Riveted the alt air source to the snorkel Had to grind away some of the fiberglass material from the snorkel, so it would clear the intake pipe. I had to grind enough that a hole was left in the intake. So I patched it from the inside with two layers of fiberglass cloth Bent the air filter cover edge per the plans Warren's in town from Florida.
18 Aug 2017 7.5 hours

A lot of trimming sanding and measuring to fit the intake snorkel on Zak came over in the afternoon and helped me. He riveted on all of the baffle seals Made good progress on the installation of the alternate air source door
17 Aug 2017 2 hours

Right baffle ready to mount Right baffle mounted Secured the lower baffles together using 0.041" safety wire. This is how the plans in the RV-7A I build had you to it. Van's has you take a different approach using stainless steel rods that you cut threads on to join the baffles together. Checking my inventory sheet I never received the stainless steel rods when the kit arrived, and I failed to note it back when I received the kit.
16 Aug 2017 4 hours

Trimmed and then installed nutplates on the air filter frame Mounted air filter frame to forward baffle Finished assembling forward left baffle Riveted nutplates on to the forward right baffle Installed hose flange and screen onto forward right baffle Finished assembling forward right baffle Installed forward left baffle onto the plane
15 Aug 2017 3.5 hours

The red stuff is high temp silicone RTV. It helps make sure that air flows through the cooling fins and not around the circumference of the cylinder itself
14 Aug 2017 3.5 hours

Started assembling the engine cooling baffles
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