26 Aug 2017 2.5 hours

Installed heat shields to protect fuel flow sensor Wired EGT and CHT probes on right side of engine Installed breather tube
25 Aug 2017 4.5 hours

24 Aug 2017 2 hours

All wires secured with Adel clamps...there are ton of work...have I mentioned I hate them!
23 Aug 2017 4 hours

Heat muffs installed. Joined with scat tubing Scat tubing cut to length Installed scat tubing for cabin heat
22 Aug 2017 3 hours

Secured ball joints Fabricated and install exhaust support Began installing heat muffs
21 Aug 2017 4 hours

In order to install the exhaust pipe I had to life up the front of the aircraft with the engine hoist, so that I could disconnect one of the bolts on the nosegear and slide it out of the way. This wasn't in the plans...but a few other builders have run into the same problem Assembling the exhaust pipes Plenty of anti-seize Tailpipe secured with the exhaust hangers Exhaust pipes mounted to the engine.
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