3 Apr 2017 1 hours

Tonight I only did a little bit of work on the plane. I mounted the avionics ground onto the sub-panel. The rest of the time was spent study the wiring diagrams and documentation for the Garmin avionics i’m installing. This part of the build things tend to slow down a little bit since it’s not as simple as following Van’s instructions. You have to do the engineering yourself here. Where to mount things, and how to wire them.
2 Apr 2017 5 hours

Pitot and AOA lines routed through the seat ribs. Wires in center tunnel secured Wires routed and organized through the center tunnel, up to the panel
1 Apr 2017 3.5 hours

31 Mar 2017 11.5 hours

Radio, GPS and transponder (installed behind the bottom of the radio stack) temporarily installed. I used templates i designed in CAD to cut the holes Passenger panel cut-out
30 Mar 2017 5 hours

Drilled the holes in the radio stack to mount the trays for the GTN-625 (IFR GPS) and the GTR-200 (COM Radio) Machined stand-offs and adapter plate so I could mount the ARINC and Engine Management LRUs in the same spot on the subpanel, stacked Mounted the GAD-29 LRU (Flap Controller, trim controller, etc..) Installed the auxiliary power socket
29 Mar 2017 15 hours

For the last few days I’ve been working on various wiring tasks. I also started to install the avionics. After design what I wanted the panel to look like, I test cut it using acrylic plastic. This was a great way to feel out switch placement and clearances. Wire runs wired up the control sticks test cut the panel using acrylic test fit some of the avionics to verify clearances and positioning wired up the flap motor wire runs from the aft fuselage wires crossing the wing bulkhead Engineered a solution to mounting the remote transponder
25 Mar 2017 6.5 hours

Today I started to install the fuselage wiring harness. It was a bit of a frustrating process. The install would have been much easier has this been done earlier. In all the other kits the wiring harness comes with the kit, and your told the optimal time to install it. In the fuselage kit, the wiring harness is optional (extra $1500). There is no guidance as to when the appropriate time is.
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