12 Aug 2016 3 hours

The hasn’t shipped yet, and I know as soon as it get’s hear i’m gonna want to go heads down. So I decided to use the extra time to keep getting the shop as organized as I can. Wendy has been helping me organizing things. We reorganized my big toolbox. I have a lot of “random” tools and doo-dads. So we’ve be trying to categorize things and put them in plastic containters.
10 Aug 2016 3 hours

Tried some priming techniques Today I tried spraying the Sherwin William P60 G2 Wash Primer that I purchased. I experimented with brushing it on as well. Turns out i’m allergic to it when I spray it. This isn’t the first primer i’ve been allergic to. When building my first plan I used Dupont’s Variprime and it made me itch every time I came in contact with it. Doesn’t seem like I have an allergic reaction once it dries, so I’m gonna stick with brushing and rolling it on for now.
9 Aug 2016 3 hours

Re-organizing the shop In preparation for the arrival of the empennage and tailcone kit I started to reorganize the shop for more working space. Not done yet, but made a ton of progress. The dirt bikes are still in the way, but that should be rectified when Wendy’s barn and garage get delivered in the beginning of September Look at that clean table! Things are getting more organized
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