4 Jan 2017 2 hours

Tonight I finished installing the aileron trim. Turned out i didn’t need to move any holes. The problem was being caused by the springs rubbing against the push/pull rod. I ended up have to bend servo tab arm up about 35 degrees in order to raise the springs up away from the tube. I also had to adjust the orientation of the springs. Now all is good. Servo tab bent up servo and springs installed
3 Jan 2017 6.5 hours

Today I began work on the aileron trim. I got all the parts cut out, deburred and riveted. Unfortunately the when the trim servo is mounted in the neutral position the ailerons do go straight. I’m going to have to move the tabs over inboard slightly and that should fix the issue. Should be a quick fix tomorrow. Trim servo bracket Trim servo motor The bracket, with motor mounted underneath secured to the inspection cover Tabs riveted to the push tube.
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