16 Dec 2016 5.5 hours

Today I riveted the right bottom skin. Then I installed the nutplates for the inspection panel covers on both wings. I also drilled and dimpled the inspection cover screw holes. Now onto the flaps! Right bottom skins riveted on All 48 nutplates riveted in for the inspection cover screws Inspection covers with the holes drilled to size and dimpled. I primed them the other day when while spraying the wing skins.
15 Dec 2016 6 hours

Today I riveted the outboard bottom wing skin on the left wing. Tomorrow I will try to wrap up the right outboard skin. Left wing fully skinned!

Today I finished riveting the the inboard bottom skins. I also did some bench testing of the heated pitot tube. The guidance from Garmin is to not trim the aluminum tubing coming out. Other vendors recommend trimming to no shorter then 6". However I need to trim the tubing down to about 5" for good clearance from the aileron push tube. The reasoning behind the guidance from the vendors is that if your going to transition from the aluminum tubing to nylon tubing (which I am) you want sufficient tubing length to absorb the heat from the pitot tube.

The White powder coating I ordered arrived today so I got right to powder coating the pitot mast. Next I assembled the components for the magnometer mount and began riveting the bottom inboard skin of the left wing The pitot mast after being powder coated The mast baking in the oven Assembling the garmin magnometer mount and mounting brackets Mounting bracket assembled Began riveting the bottom inboard skin.
12 Dec 2016 5.5 hours

Today I primed the top skins, gap fairing, J-Stiffeners, access covers and magnometer mount parts. Then riveted on the aileron and flap gap fairings on both wings. Top skins primed Aileron gap fairing riveted in place Flap gap fairing riveted in place
11 Dec 2016 4.5 hours

This afternoon I fabricated the mount for the Garmin Magnometer. I adapted the ADAHRS mount the Van’s designed for Dynon. I also dimpled the J-Stiffeners, aileron gap fairings, flap gap fairs and bottom skins. Tomorrow I’m gonna try to get everything primed and ready to rivet. I’m waiting on a few odds and ends from various suppliers before I’m ready to rivet on the bottom skins. I expect to get them riveted on this week though
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