28 Dec 2016 7.5 hours

Today I put in a long day and knocked out the ailerons. I got the riveting complete on both of them. Tomorrow I’ll start on Section 23 which is mounting the ailerons and doing the fabrication and installation of the push pull tubes to actuate them. Both ailerons after completing riveting
27 Dec 2016 6.5 hours

This morning I started the day off priming the aileron parts. During the cleaning process I noticed I countersunk the wrong side of one of the brackets. So I had to fabricate a new one from scratch. Luckily I had a some material on hand. I used the original as a template and it came out great. In afternoon I started riveting some of the parts and countersunk the trailing edge.
26 Dec 2016 6 hours

Today I started the day off match drilling the nose skin to the stainless steal counterbalance. Then I worked on the aileron aileron stiffeners. First there holes had to be drilled to size. Then they had to be separated, trimmed, deburred and dimpled. I wrapped up the day dimpling the remaining parts, including the skins. Tomorrow I’ll prime and start riveting. Match drilling the counterbalance weight to the nose skin Drilling aileron stiffeners to size Getting ready to start separating the stiffeners from each other and trim to size Cut lines layed out The final result.
25 Dec 2016 4 hours

Today I began work on the ailerons. I spent some time cutting seperating and deburring the various brackets and ribs. Then I started the match drilling process of the stainless steel counterbalance. Various hinge bracket parts got separated, deburred and countersunk Main ribs parts got separated and dimpled Match drilling the holes in the counterbalance weight to the nose ribs
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