Tonight I wrapped up the work on the Vertical Stabalizer. All thats left is the fiberglass fairing and some other minor task, but Van’s has you work on that later. So it’s on to the rudder tomorrow. I used the C-Frame to rivet the spar doubler and brackets on. The doubler and brakets riveted on. At the end of the night, I've got a Vertical Stabalizer!

I jumped right in this morning and started on the Vertical Stabilizer. Each task today took me a few minutes to knock the rust off, and then it was like old times. Todays tasks were: Match drill, debur, dimple and prime the lower rear spar doubler Rivet on the lower rear spar doubler Cleco together and match drill VS ribs and spars Cleco the skin to the ribs and spars, then match drill all the holes.
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