Moving to the airport. Final assembly
22 Sep 2017 64 hours

I took a full week of work off, plus the Friday before, to give myself 8 full days to perform the “big push”. Which included:

  • moving the aircraft to the airport
  • Mounting the tail surfaces
  • Mounting the wings
  • Rigging the control surfaces
  • Finishing the work required in the wing roots
  • Weighing the aircraft
  • Calibrating the fuel tanks
  • Configuring the EFIS and sensors
  • Test running the engine
  • All the little things along the way =)

It all got done and the plane was ready for inspection and flight 9/23/2017

Moving the fuselage

Moved the wings and the rest of the parts using a UHaul

Getting ready to weight the plane. I ended up using scales I found on Amazon, rated at 700lbs. They are made for very heavy people. They work perfect!

All put together and ready for inspection

Koger sun-shade installed

Design pdevty