Today I match drilled the horizontal stabilizer to the aft fuselage. That about does for aft fuselage work for now. I’ll be working on the fiberglass tips for the next few weeks until the wings arrive The horizontal stabilizer mounted to the aft fuselage Had to use the angle drill in order to drill the lower holes A proud man!

Today Zak came over to help out. We spent the afternoon drilling the holes in elevator horns. It was slow going but we did a good job. We had to machine a drill guide on the lathe to make sure we drilled the holes in the horns perpendicular. Zak putting the bolts and nuts on to mount the elevator so we could drill the holes Machining the drill guide on the lathe

Tonight Wendy came down and helped me mount the elevators to the horizontal stabilizer for the first time. It took a lot of trial and error to get the bearing adjusted for the proper clearance between the leading edge of the elevators and the rear spars of the horizontal stabilizer. Next up i’m going to match drill the holes in the elevators horns, which is is a slow and tedious process because you want everything to be precise.
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