18 Aug 2017 7.5 hours

A lot of trimming sanding and measuring to fit the intake snorkel on Zak came over in the afternoon and helped me. He riveted on all of the baffle seals Made good progress on the installation of the alternate air source door

Finished the spinner backing plate Prop uncrated and ready to mount Removed the front crank plug. Wendy is cleaning out the excess oil Zak came over in the afternoon and helped me mount the prop onto the plane. Here he is torquing the bolts Prop mounted
25 Nov 2016 4.5 hours

Today I riveted the left leading edge parts. It started with a lot of nut plate riveting. Then I had to get the assembly clecoed together, which is a project in and of itself. Afterwards Zak came over and helped me rivet the skins to the ribs. Big thanks Zak! Riveted the nutplates to the landing light backing plates Riveted the nutplates to the landing light mount bracket Nutplates riveted to the access plate doubler Nutplates riveted to the splice strips Put flush rivets in the holes that come pilot drilled for the stall warner.
19 Nov 2016 6.5 hours

Today I finished deburring the top skins of the wings. Then Wendy came down to the shop and helped me dimpled all of the skins. Later on Zak came over and helped me prime the skins. In the evening Wendy put on her “Rosie the Riveter” hat on and helped me start riveting the top skins. We go about a 3rd of the way done with the left wing before we decided to call it a night.

Today Zak came over to help out. We spent the afternoon drilling the holes in elevator horns. It was slow going but we did a good job. We had to machine a drill guide on the lathe to make sure we drilled the holes in the horns perpendicular. Zak putting the bolts and nuts on to mount the elevator so we could drill the holes Machining the drill guide on the lathe
24 Sep 2016 7.5 hours

Today was a marathon of riveting. Zak came over and put in some hours to help me get the aft fuselage side skins and bottom skin riveted. Big thanks Zak! The aft fuselage with the side skins and bottom skins all riveted together
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