Riveted left leading edge parts
25 Nov 2016 4.5 hours

Today I riveted the left leading edge parts. It started with a lot of nut plate riveting. Then I had to get the assembly clecoed together, which is a project in and of itself. Afterwards Zak came over and helped me rivet the skins to the ribs. Big thanks Zak!

Riveted the nutplates to the landing light backing plates

Riveted the nutplates to the landing light mount bracket

Nutplates riveted to the access plate doubler

Nutplates riveted to the splice strips

Put flush rivets in the holes that come pilot drilled for the stall warner. I'm installing an AOA probe so the stall warner switch is a bit redundant

The left leading edge assembly riveted together and waiting to be riveted onto the main wing assembly

Design pdevty