Today Wendy came down to the shop to help with another riveting session. We got the leading edge of the right wing riveted on. Time to start on the fuel tanks =) Both wings, with there outboard leading edges riveted on

Wing cradle Wendy helping me rivet the left leading edge to the wing assembly Leading edge riveted on You cant see it in this picture but the lens is cracked near one of the holes. I'll have to order a new one and remake it :(

Today Wendy came down to the shop to help me rivet the right leading edge together. She really is my “Rosie the Riveter”! Wendy bucking the rivets
25 Nov 2016 4.5 hours

Today I riveted the left leading edge parts. It started with a lot of nut plate riveting. Then I had to get the assembly clecoed together, which is a project in and of itself. Afterwards Zak came over and helped me rivet the skins to the ribs. Big thanks Zak! Riveted the nutplates to the landing light backing plates Riveted the nutplates to the landing light mount bracket Nutplates riveted to the access plate doubler Nutplates riveted to the splice strips Put flush rivets in the holes that come pilot drilled for the stall warner.
24 Nov 2016 2.5 hours

Today was a short day, being Thanksgiving. I did manage to get all the parts for the leading edges primed. Next up is riveting
23 Nov 2016 6 hours

The leading edge in the cradle. I had to install all the ribs so that I could drill out the top hole of each rib and drill out the j-stiffeners Wendy came down and helped me dimple the leading edge skins. I all finished deburring and dimpling the other small items The cutouts for the landing lights come pre-cut into the leading edge in the RV-14, but the edges are jagged from the CNC cutter.
22 Nov 2016 6 hours

Today I started the day off building cradles to hold the leading edge assemblies while building them. Then I started preparing the ribs. The usual edge deburing and fluting followed by drilling out all of the holes to full size and them dimpling then. I also had to modify a few of the ribs per the plans. I finished the day off by cutting the splice strip off off the fuel tank skins and deburring/dimpling it.
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