Today Wendy helped me rivet the baggage compartment ribs to the center skin

Tonight I got the bagagge compartment rib structure assembled and riveted to the bulkhead forward of the baggage area Power outlet bracket Riveted part of the aft landing gear brace to the seat rib Assembled the loading step mounting structure. I realized there were a few parts I forgot to prime the other night.

Wendy helped me dimple the holes in the bottom center skin Back riveted stiffeners, nutplates and doubler plates to the center skin Riveted landing gear brace to the center skin Wendy helped me rivet the seat ribs to the center skin Seat ribs and bulkheads riveted to the center skin

Riveted seat ribs to aft center bulkhead Modified flange bearing per plans Riveted bearing and bearing bracket to the fwd baggage bracket Traced cut-out for landing gear in left and right forward bottom skins Cut out the landing gear slot Countersunk doubler plates Drilled various systems holes in bottom skin per plans Finished the night off priming the rest of this sections parts

Riveted reinforcement doubles onto baggage ribs Dimpled, then riveted nutplates onto seat ribs Riveted bushing clips onto seat ribs Rivet seat rib doublers onto second from outboard seat ribs Riveted crotch strap brackets onto seat ribs Fluted the outboard seat ribs and outboard baggage ribs so they fit the contour of the center bottom skin Riveted nutplates onto the outboard seat ribs

Tonight I deburred and primed most of the mid lower structure parts. There were a lot of them.
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