17 Feb 2017 1.5 hours

Tonight I finished riveting the nutplates to the firewall. Relay doubler plates and nutplates riveted to firewall Finished riveting nutplates to the the firewall
16 Feb 2017 4 hours

Tonight I almost completed the riveting of the firewall. I still have to rivet on a few more nutplates. It got to late and we ran out of steam. Will knock out the rest tomorrow. Applied tank sealant to the center section of the firewall Firewall angles riveted on This doubler plate, along with some nutplates still need to be riveted on
15 Feb 2017 3 hours

Riveted angles to the right firewall panel Countersunk holes in the top firewall angle Dimpled holes in top firewall panel Applied tanke sealant to the bottom edge of the top firewall panel, before riveting Clecoed the top firewall panel to the left and right firewall panel. Riveted several of the outboard rivets per the plans Dimpled the holes in the center firewall panel Clecoed the tunnel panels / center firewall angles to the firewall
14 Feb 2017 4.5 hours

Dimpled holes in tunnel panels. Then riveted nutplates on Countersunk the firewall angles Riveted firewall angles to the tunnel panels Dimpled holes in the left and right lower firewall panels Riveted angles to the left firewall panel. Ran out of time for the night. Tomorrow I'll rivet the right side
13 Feb 2017 2 hours

After finishing the riveting of the baggage compartment I began work on the firewall. I deburred and primed all the parts called out in this section of the plans. Wendy was a big help and scuffed and cleaned all the parts while I finished deburring and setup the priming equipment.
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