Wendy helping me rivet the forward center section and cover ribs to the bottom skins Installed the firewall passthroughs, sealed with high-temp RTV Fabricated stainless steel hinges for the cabin heat doors Installed cabin heat inlets and trap doors Riveted the battery box to the firewall Riveted the cover panels and nutplates to the the cover ribs

Dimpled the fwd bottom skins Rived the antenna doublers and skin stiffeners Riveted the muffler hangar doubler to the muffler tunnel side walls Riveted the muffler hangars to the side wall tunnels Riveted the muffler tunnel to the left and right bottom skins Riveted the firewall assembly to the the left and right bottom skins Riveted the side tunnels and the cover base to the to each other and to the bottom skins All the joints at the firewall are assembled with tank sealant to prevent oil and engine compartment 'sludge' from making it way into the cabin

Tonight after I finished riveting the firewall I deburred and primed all the parts for the forward lower structure.
Design pdevty