Wing root fairing angles riveted on Reinstalled bulkhead bar assembly Worked on seat back assembly

Riveted rollbar angle onto bulkhead Riveted flap reinforcement braces to side skins Dimpled, deburred and trimmed the wing root fairing angles Riveted spar web stiffeners onto spar webs Riveted nutplates onto bottom skins Riveted nutplates onto wing root fairing angles

Wendy shooting rivets from the floor while I stand over her and buck them. What a wife! Various cabin structures riveted in place Arm rests riveted to the side skin

Riveted a variety of parts to the side skins today, including the firewall, longerons and side plates. Still have a bit more to go

Started the day off priming the bunch of parts i'm going to need for riveting Riveted the rollbar angles to the intercostals (strange name for a part) Riveted the side plate, upper drag fairing and various stiffeners to the side skins After putting the side skins onto the fuselage I notice that I had riveted the outboard baggage ribs with the flange outboard of the bulkheads.

Deburred then dimpled the side skins Separated, deburred and dimpled various mid-fuselage parts. The fwd side skin stiffeners are show here Modified the arm rests per the plans. This is probably so that you can get access to one of the rivet holes. All the various parts from today that were sperated, deburred and dimpled.

Trimmed the longerons according to the plans Primed side skins and longerons Riveted engine brackets to longerons Fabricated hinges to mount to firewall for engine cowl attachment Attached side skins and match drilled hinges to the firewall flanges Countersunk fuselage side plates Countersunk holes in lower longerons Countersunk holes in upper longerons

Tonight I worked on the longerons. They had to have their holes final drilled to size. Then I had to make wood blocks cut to specific dimensions so I could bend a 10 degree twist into each longeron Wood block so I could chuck the longerons in the vice and twist them Before I bent them a notch had to be cut out in each one Time to twist them.

Tonight Wendy helped me rivet the forward and middle fuselage structures together. Had to machine a custom bucking bar to reach the rivets in between the two center bulkheads Landing gear braces installed and bolts torque. They we temporarily installed previously. They had to removed during the riveting process

Primed the parts that need to be riveted while joining the Fwd and Mid Fuse structures Clecoed the fwd and mid fuselage structures together Installed the brass elbows with into the gear braces Upper and loer drag fittings installed Match drilled the holes from the center section plate into the upper drag fitting Temporarily bolted the gear braces into the fuselage structure.
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