8 Mar 2017 1 hours

Wrapped up the fuel system install. Just need to install the fuel line supports.
7 Mar 2017 6 hours

Tonight I fabricated and installed the fuel lines. Cutting aluminum tubing down to size Fabricated fitting that goes from the fuel selector to the fuel pump/filter The fuel line that goes from the fuel pump to the firewall requires compound bends and seemed a bit complicated to make. I had left over stainless steal hose and fittings from an upgrade I did on N132RD.
6 Mar 2017 3 hours

Tonight I started installing the fuel system Had to cut out the fuel line brackets Fuel line brackets riveted in. Next I installed the elbows on the fuel selector valve. They are secured with 4 screws, that need to be permanently staked once installed. I used a center punch to stake the screws Next I installed the three nutplates on the bottom of the fuel selector valve Fuel selector valve installed in the plane Time to install the fuel boost pump and filter I noticed that the orientation of the safety on the fuel filter, as it came, would make it difficult to get access the first time I have to remove the safety wire to clean the filter.
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