Installed gas springs onto the canopy cradles Mounted the canopy jettison mechanism onto the fwd sub-panel Finished riveting the forward top skin

Sawing the threads off the hardward. It's used as a pin in this application The canopy jettison mechanism all put together Riveted the doubler onto the forward skin. Sealed with tank sealant Dimpled top forward skin Fabricated top hinges for firewall Drilled the hinges to the firewall Begain riveting the top skin on after priming.

Riveted the instrument panel frame into place Mounted gas struts for canopy Drilled bolt hole for canopy release mechanism Fabricated canopy release pushrods. I used the mill and lathe for these steps. I feel sorry for folk who half to do this by hand. Doesn't seem like an easy thing to make accurately by hand Drilled bolt holes Need to mill slots.

Installed nutplates onto the center wire channel Riveted the wire channel into the fuselage Installed the canopy decks onto the longerons. Van's has you seal underneath them with tank sealant Installed instrument panel supports to the canopy deck I discover I was missing two brass inserts for the brake lines the other night when I was installing the brakes.

Riveted the sub-panel assembly together Painted, then riveted in the sub-panel assembly Primed then painted the next batch of parts for this section

Trimmed the sub-panel according to plans Primed batch of parts for the upper forward fuselage Began riveting parts together
Design pdevty