24 Mar 2017 4.5 hours

Today I painted the rollbar with the same urethane that I used for the rest of the interior. Then I finished the remaining drilling operations and riveted the rollbar and rollbar brace into the fuselage. I also riveted on the baggage window skin stiffeners. This concludes the fuselage kit. I think I’m going to start wiring and beginning avionics installation while I wait for the finish kit The rollbar and rollbar brace ready to be painted I stuffed an ear plug into the bronze bushing to make sure no paint got in there Painting complete Rollbar and rollbar brace riveted into the fuselage
23 Mar 2017 4 hours

Tonight I drilled, deburred, countersunk and riveted together the rollbar assembly. Tomorrow I will try to get it painted and riveted into the fuselage. Wendy came down tonight and helped with some of the deburring, she was a big help. Forward rollbar half riveted together Match drilling the rollbar halves to the rollbar straps Rollbar riveted together and ready for paint Riveted brackets onto the rollbar brace
22 Mar 2017 2.5 hours

Short night tonight. I decided to use a grey epoxy primer that I bought recently instead of the green P60G2 I normally use. I figured when I shot the parts later with the gray urethane I’ve been using for the interior any spots I might mist would be less noticeable. Unfortunately this epoxy primer dries slooooow. So i’m gonna have to let it dry overnight before I continue working.
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