13 Aug 2017 6.5 hours

Fabricated and installed the oil door Completed the supports for the lower cowl near the nosegear cutout Shot some epoxy primer on the inside of the cowl, to help seal the fiberglass from grease and oil
12 Aug 2017 3.5 hours

Riveted hinges and nutplates onto the cowl halves Fiberglassed in the inlet ramps. These are to help the air flow smoothly into the cowl, for better cooling and less drag
10 Aug 2017 7.5 hours

Laid out rivet holes on the top cowl Top cowl drilled to the piano hinge Fitting the bottom cowl Bottom cowl drilled to the piano hinge Installing the piano hinge that joins the top and bottom cowl Piano hinge that joins the top and bottom cowl drilled Riveted on the piano hinge to the top cowl
9 Aug 2017 7 hours

Back in fiberglass hell today, working on the cowl. Made good progress. Cut the piano hinges that hold the cowl on to the correct lengths. Then I made the pins that join the two halves of the piano hinges. Then I rough trimmed the bottom cowl and final trimmed the top cowl. The top cowl is ready to drill to the piano hinge tomorrow. Alignment tool for the top cowl Lot's of sanding!
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