Elevators almost done
15 Sep 2016 6 hours

Tonight I got most of the riveting done on the elevators. The trailing edge ribs are glued in with sealant and now all that remains is to rivet the trailing edge tomorrow, after the sealant cures.

I started the night blind riveting the forward ribs to the forward spar

Some new toys for the shop. The pneumatic squeezer and long reach yoke are going to be great additions to the shop. The riveting went much faster tonight with the squeezer.

All the right elevator rivets are set except the trailing edge, time to glue in the trailing edge ribs

All the left elevator rivets set, ready for the trailing edge ribs to be glued in

The right elevator with the trailing edge ribs glued in with tank sealant

The elevator wuth the trailing edge ribs glued in.

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