Elevators complete!
16 Sep 2016 10.5 hours

Tonight I got the elevators finished! I even got to do a little electrical and safety wiring!. Time to move on to the aft fuselage.

Now that the sealant is cured I finished riveting the trailing edges elevators. Here's the right elevator

Left elevator trailing edge complete

Trimmed and bent the end of the trim tab hinge so it can be safety wired once installed

Time to safety wire the hinge.

The hinge safety wired to a small 1/16" hole in the rear spar of the elevator

I fabricated and installed all the hardware to mount the trim tab servo

Wired up the molex connector.

Next I bent the leading edges on the elevators and riveted them in place

Broke out the hack saw and trimmed the four elevator counterbalance weights per the plans. There made of lead, so the blade I have on my bandsaw wasn't very effective as it's setup with a fine tooth blade and the lead is too soft. I was able to setup the hacksaw with a coarse blade. Had to apply the elbow grease!

After priming the counterweights I installed them on the elevators

There they are, all done!

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