Tonight I fixed a avionics issues with the AHRS. Turns out that a coupled of soldered wires came loose. Tracked it down and all is good now. Finished sniffle valve tube

Installed the mixture control mechanism Alternate air source door Alternator belt tightened and alternator bolts torqued PMag ignition wired up P-Lead to the left magneto wired
28 Aug 2017 5.5 hours

Installed the scat tubing to the oil cooler Installed the throttle cable to the fuel injector Installed the prop governor cable to the prop governor

Installed fuel line from fuselage to fuel pump Fabricated oil cooler box Installed fittings into the oil cooler. I order steel Aeroquip fittings from Summit Racing instead of using the aluminum ones provided by Van's. The instructions that came with the oil cooler specifically say to use steel, not aluminum fittings. Some guys that have used the aluminum fittings have had problems with the threads galling Oil cooler inlet box mounted to the oil cooler Oil cooler mounted.
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