Safety wired bolts on the front spinner plate...looking at the picture I realized I safety wired them backwards. Going to need to fix that tomorrow!

Safety wired prop bolts

Finished the spinner backing plate Prop uncrated and ready to mount Removed the front crank plug. Wendy is cleaning out the excess oil Zak came over in the afternoon and helped me mount the prop onto the plane. Here he is torquing the bolts Prop mounted
5 Aug 2017 3 hours

Installed oil filler neck
5 Aug 2017 1.5 hours

The aft spinner plate needs to be match drilled and cut-out to match the doubler A bunch of hand filing and we've got a hole!
4 Aug 2017 1 hours

Deviated a bit from the plans and rolled my own solution for the manifold pressure line. Vans has you use a pre-made steel-braided AN hose for the manifold pressure. The hose is run to an elbow fitting connected to the manifold pressure sensor. I need to create a “T” off the manifold pressures sensor line to feed the PMag (Electronic Ignition). I ended up buying some AN Aeroquip fittings from Summit Racing along with some Aeroquip AQP steel-braided hose.
3 Aug 2017 3.5 hours

Wired the fuel flow sensor. The wires will be tied down and secured after the rest of the wires are run
2 Aug 2017 4 hours

Installed oil temp sensor and cap on tachometer drive gear. Installed fittings on fuel flow sensor Fuel injector servo unwrapped The lower sump was filled with preservation oil. This happens sometimes when the engine is shipped with the intake valves in the open position. The preservation oil drips out through the intake vales, down the intake tubes and into the lower sump.
1 Aug 2017 2 hours

Tonight I installed the prop governor. Hartzell prop governor, brand new in the box Remove the cover plate off the engine Prop governor installed. You have to adjust the face plate so that the cable bracket is oriented correctly to the arm. The cable bracket cap screws are left loose, since the cable bracket has to be removed during baffle installation.
31 Jul 2017 6.5 hours

Went to the local UPS Freight terminal to pick up the engine Got it home safe. Box opened, time to pull it out with the engine hoist Hoisting the engine out Engine pulled out of the box. Now it's time to install some fittings on the back of the engine, before mounting onto the plane Lower oil fitting Upper oil fitting Oil pressure fitting Fittings installed on fuel pump Sanded paint off to attach ground strap Fabricated prop governor bracket Modified a 5/8" wrench, per the plans Wendy helped me get the bolts lined up and inserted into the engine and engine mount The engine is mounted!
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