I decided to splurge and buy these pre-wired tongsten stick grips. Much nicer then what i've had in my previous planes. They come pre-labeled. Very nice! After I finished installing the control column and stick bases, I made sure I have enough travel, per spec. The plans call for filing the control stops if you don't have enough. I had to do a tiny bit of filing.

I started the afternoon assembling the rod-end bearings onto the push/pull tubes. The rod-end bearings were adjusted to a preset length according to the plans Pushrod installed on the control column Riveted nutplates to the bellcrank mount Mounted the elevator bellcrank to the bellcrank angles Bolted the bellcrank assembly to the bellcrank mount Installed the middle push rod, bellcrank mount and pitch autopilot servo into the aft fuselage

Parts primed Drilled and riveted pushrod ends onto tubes
Design pdevty