14 Jul 2017 4 hours

Tonight I vinyl wrapped the top back of the turtle deck to the rear window. The completes the wrapping of the fuselage!
9 Jul 2017 4.5 hours

8 Jul 2017 3.5 hours

7 Jul 2017 3.5 hours

6 Jul 2017 4 hours

5 Jul 2017 6 hours

12 Jun 2017 3 hours

I’m waiting on the correct AN7 bolt to get delivered from Aircraft Spruce so I can continue on the nose gear install. So tonight I decided to try and wrap one of the flaps to get some experience with the process and decide if I like the finish. All in all it came out pretty darn good. Way easier then painting. The gloss is not “show car” finish, but it does have nice gloss.
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